For Position :Canada - Service

Please answer each of the following questions :

  1. Are you legally eligible to work in Canada?

  2. Are you at least 21 years of age?

  3. Have you graduated from High School or obtained a GED?

  4. Do you hold a valid Driver's License with a clean abstract in the last 3 years?

    What Class level do you hold?

  5. Do you have the ability to routinely lift 43 kg/75 lbs?

    Job requires waist to shoulder lifting throughout the day; some material handling equipment is available where possible.

  6. If hired, I understand that this position will require completion and passing of the standard Provincial Medical Examination for commercial drivers?

  7. You will be required to consent to a motor vehicle review after a job has been presented, and annually thereafter. Do you understand and agree to this?

  8. Some customers we serve require security clearances for drivers to enter their property, would you be willing to consent to a background check to include a crimminal record check for any offense that you have not been granted a pardon?

Responses are Required.

Please answer all questions.

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